When should you hire a fractional CMO?

Growing your business is your utmost priority.

And finding the right people is the key. It can also be very tricky, time-consuming and expensive.

Enter: The fractional CMO

Hiring a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) offers a lot of advantages - let's dive into the top 5 🚀👇

1) Senior expertise at a fractional cost

A fractional CMOs provides the frameworks, process and expertise of a senior marketing executive without the full-time salary and benefit. This is really beneficial for businesses with limited budgets that still require strategic marketing leadership.

2) Super flexible and scalable

Startups often experience fluctuating needs and rapid changes. A fractional CMO can adapt their hours and focus to meet these changing requirements, providing flexibility that aligns with the startup's growth and development phases.

3) Accountability and fresh perspectives

You'll be supported, educated, challenged and held accountable to move fast and focus on what actually drives results to the bottom-line. Get senior experience, and fresh perspectives. It can be transformational to get the best practice experience and input from someone (me), who's done this dozens and dozens of times.

4) Low risk and commitment

Getting a fractional CMO involves much less risk and commitment compared to hiring a full-time executive. Meanwhile, you get to know how marketing can support your business. It's a perfect set-up in preparation for your first hire. You'll also know what marketing is, and what to expect from your first CMO.

5) Move Fast & Get Quick Results 

With their experience and expertise, fractional CMOs can quickly understand the business and market, enabling them to implement effective strategies swiftly. This rapid impact can be crucial for startups needing to establish themselves and gain market traction quickly.

As a previous CMO and COO for several fast-growing startups, and business coach to 100+ startups, a fractional CMO set-up is the best way I now can support ambitious founders.


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