Marketing for Growing B2B Startups. Simplified.

Fractional leadership, advisory & growth programs for future-focused Nordic startups

Hey business owner 👋

I know you're busy. Running a business can be fun and rewarding, and a constant struggle of juggling priorities. You might relate to one or all of the following:
"I don't have time to waste"

You know how much every week matters for the success of your business, and you're ready to get the right support - at the right time. 

"I'm not sure what to do next"

Marketing can feel complicated. We help you audit, clarify, focus and execute. So you can sleep well, knowing you're always taking the next best step 

"I have ambitious goals"

You've secured financing, found product-market fit (almost), onboarded a few customers, and ready to accelerate. Let's go 🚀

Let's get growing 

When it's time to transform your business

With experience from 100+ startups, these services are tailored to offer the best growth support possible.

Online Course

📈 Build your marketing plan

Move from "I'm not sure" to deep clarity on your next steps. In two weeks, we'll get you focused on what actually works for you. 

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💬 Content-First Coaching

Content is the life-blood of B2B marketing. Get feedback, accountability, frameworks to deliver on your most important actions.

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🤝 Fractional CMO Services

When you need temporary marketing leadership to accelerate to your next level. Senior expertise at a fractional cost.

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Hey there 👋

My name is Cecilia

For 15 years, I've held CMO and COO roles in fast-growing Nordic tech startups. Today, I'm a full-time business coach and fractional CMO, in Stockholm.